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Hi Dear TeamManuel customers,

Welcome to our first blog post!
In this blog we briefly introduce ourselves and would like to tell you a little bit about us.

After 2 years of marriage, we dared to start our own company. What made us do it? - The passion for sport and the opportunity to motivate others to do sport as well. With our products we can also help our customers achieve their goals more efficiently.

We want to show you that sport and exercise do not have to be strenuous, because for a balanced lifestyle it should be integrated into everyday life. With TeamManuel's Supplement Shop we found a great opportunity to mix work and pleasure.

I (Beatrice) am in the 2nd year of my part-time business studies. Thanks to the knowledge I was able to acquire during my studies, I had the advantage of being able to set up the company, create the website and everything that goes with it myself.
Before I knew my husband (Clovis), I couldn't do anything with sport, you could almost have compared me to a sloth. He infected me with his passion for sport. In the meantime, I like to go to fitness and muay thai training myself for life, and I also pay close attention to a healthy diet.

Clovis is a real sports lover, he can't stand 24 hours without sporting activity, which is completely understandable since he used to be a professional Muay Thai fighter. Now he works as a trainer and what was once his job is now a beloved hobby.

To keep himself fit, he has been going to fitness regularly for several years and pays attention to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Due to his many years of experience with dietary supplements and proteins, he is mainly concerned with which products we should most likely sell in our shop.

In order to bring you closer to how we bring our products, Muay Thai training and our love for sport into our everyday life, we will regularly post a blog on our website. We would be very happy if you would come back every now and then and read our blogs :)

Stay tuned!
Beatrice & Clovis

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