<transcy>Cooking spray - 250ml</transcy>
<transcy>Cooking spray - 250ml</transcy>

Cooking spray - 250ml

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The Best Joy Spray is a calorie-free cooking spray that can be used for frying meat, fish, eggs, for grilling, baking and for snacks!

This cooking spray is made exclusively from selected, 100% rapeseed oil of the highest quality. The most important thing is that this oil is very efficient. Therefore, a minimum amount of Cooking Spray is sufficient to prevent your dish from sticking and burning.

Fats are a delicious, but the most high-calorie component of dishes because they contain more than 2 times more calories than proteins and carbohydrates. With Best Joy Spray you can prepare your favorite foods without worrying about your figure, as it does not contain any fats.

Excellent taste and the ability to consume it even on the most demanding diets. Perfect for diets: eliminates the need for oil, lard, fat and margarine.

It does not contain cholesterol, soda or fats and is also ideal for vegans!

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